BrightRoll 2011 survey: over 60% think video advertising is as good or better than TV

The BrightRoll 2011 survey is well worth reading if you are interested in online video. It highlights the speed at which viewing habits and attitudes are changing:

“..The average number of hours Americans spend online has been growing at a pace of 6% per year, while the average number of hours spent watching TV has actually been declining 1% annually, according to a recent study from eMarketer..”

At the same time, it reports that “.. 65% of respondents plan to reallocate campaign dollars from TV to online video..”

Now is the time for all businesses to be looking at online video as a way to expand their reach. When coupled with a social media campaign it can bring huge dividends. The way people are spending their time is changing away from TV in favour of the internet. Make sure that they can find your business online.

The full report is available here in PDF format.


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