Choosing the right Clients – a Thank You

Gerber Daisy from Mary Clark Flowers Chilliwack

Gerber Daisy from Mary Clark Flowers, Chilliwack

Recently my father-in-law become seriously ill. We put our webseries, Mind My Brains, Darling, on hiatus and my husband, Paul, flew back to England and while I tried to sort out travel arrangements for the rest of the family. Sadly, Paul’s father died last week. I flew into England on Thursday and the funeral service was yesterday. We have been very moved and comforted by the messages of support we have had from people all over the Internet, thank you all for your care and concern.

I have been working with Paul Best and Laura Olsen from the webseries Border Guardians of Ackernon: The University. They released Episode 1: Family on July 19th and Episode 3 is out today on During what has been a very stressful time, Paul and Laura have been incredibly supportive while we concentrated on family matters. Working with people who are understanding makes such a huge difference.

Border Guardians of Ackernon poster

Border Guardians of Ackernon poster

Make sure you check out the website and watch all the episodes. This week’s fight scene is epic and you will not want to miss the lead up to the finale!

Other Clients
Wendy from Mary Clark Flowers in Chilliwack has also been very supportive and we will be announcing some news soon that is very exciting. I also have a new client, Herb Gaidosch, from Pacific Coast Compliance Consulting. We will be launching a new website for his business soon and I will be updating on progress here.

People Matter
When things get tough you realise what is really important, and who your friends are. I am lucky to work with people who understand what priorities are and who know that once I get back from England next week I will be working hard to promote their work once more. One of the great freedoms of being a consultant is the ability to choose who you work with and it has never been more important than in the last couple of weeks.
I’m glad to say that none of my clients would be eligible for ‘Clients from Hell‘ – how about you? Are your clients superstars?

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  1. Laura Olson says:

    Wow! Thanks for such wonderful compliments. Its easy to be a good client for you! You are wonderful to work with and full of great ideas and inspiration! Glad things are settling down for you, Paul and your family. Sorry for the sad interlude in your lives. I dont look forward to the day when I have to experience the same.

  2. Paul Best says:

    A fable – A professor stood in front of his class and filled a jar with rubber balls and asked if the jar was full. Students responded yes. Next he poured in some beans, shook it and asked again if the jar was full. Again yes. Then he poured in sand and stated “Now the jar is full”. “The jar is your life. The sand is the stuff you enjoy but can live without. Going out to dinner, watching TV. The beans are more important, work, getting the oil changed in the car. The rubber balls are the things you can’t live without. Family, friends, health, giving.” “Don’t fill up your life with sand and not leave room for the balls”. Some things are just sand and some are balls and the challenge is to recognize which is which.

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