Florist Follow-up – Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Orchid and tulips at Mary Clark Flowers photo by Mary Higgins

Yesterday I talked about how important Valentine’s Day is to florists, and the preparations that Wendy from Mary Clark Flowers in Chillwack, BC, has been making for the last few weeks. Today I saw this posted by my friend Megan Lynch on Friendfeed (a fantastic social media community) about Florist Susan Occhino and her dispute with Amazon:

“…She says six weeks ago, when she started selling her goods through the mega online retailer, she was pleased to see sales go through the roof overnight — from about one order a day to 100.

But then Amazon pulled the rug out from under her floral joy.

“They said your account is currently under review because you’re very new, you have no feedback and we’re gonna hold the money up to 90 days,” Susan says. She claims she made over $10,000 in five days, but that so far she’s only seen $45.02 of that.

Susan needed those funds to buy more supplies for a very important holiday in the flower world — Valentine’s Day — so instead of leaving her customers in the lurch, she drained her bank account to ship what orders she could last week…”

From The Consumerist, Florist Drains Bank Account To Ship Valentine’s Day Orders After Amazon Holds Up Her Payments


This has a huge impact on Ms Occhino and it is not clear how the matter will be resolved. In the meantime there will be disappointed people who didn’t receive the flowers that were ordered for them today.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens with this story, and I hope your day goes well, flowers or not!

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