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Aside from working on my own projects and websites, I have had the great pleasure to work with other talented people and help them achieve their goals. These are some of my current and past clients.

Past Clients:

Mary Clark Flowers, Chilliwack, BC

Owner Wendy Hinkley wanted to learn more about Social Media, so she contacted me and we set up a schedule for posting to her blog so she could engage with customers.

Wolf’sHead Productions, California, US

Veteran film maker Paul Best has created an exciting new fantasy series, Border Guardians of Ackernon. After the original pilot won an Accolade Award, Paul decided to create a companion webseries. We are now working together to build the Ackernon community for the webseries premiere in July 2011.

Celebrate The Web, LA, US

In the aftermath of the Streamys 2010, new media star creators Kim Evey (The Guild, Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show) and Jenni Powell (Bumps In The Night, BlackboxTV) swung into action to formulate an audacious plan. In short order they announced the inaugural ‘Celebrate The Web’ event. As soon as I heard the plan, I registered the URL and had a website up and running within a day. On April 15 2010 the webseries community came together to honour the winners.

New Model Health, UK

After years of experience in the UK National Health Service, Drs Gregory and Martin Connor had developed an Excel prototype to model health care demand. In order to take it to market they wanted to develop an online portal. I project managed the front and back-end developers, tested the software, developed the training and marketing materials, and trained Health Authority staff.

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