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Social Media, Small Business and 2012

bird splat by Paul Higgins

Where are you focusing on? Picture by P Higgins

What are your goals for 2012? Get rich? Get fit? Retire young? Do you even have any goals? Setting goals in the New Year can be effective, but simply thinking about them is not going to get you any where. NOT setting goals for the year, or month, or any discrete unit of time means you will never get what you want.

Is Social Media for you and your business?

This is a hard question to answer because there are many factors to consider, not least whether you, or a trusted member of your staff, is comfortable using the tools needed to run your Social Media campaign. If you check your email only weekly, never update your Facebook account (or don’t have one at all) then adopting new practices are going to be more challenging. But it can be done.

take the plunge

Are you sure it's safe? Picture by M Higgins

Catching the wave

Knowing where to start is often the stumbling block to any new enterprise. You are interested in a new technology/product/line/idea, find out enough to start getting excited and then begin to founder as you struggle to fit it into what you are already doing. Your days are busy enough without adding another Big Thing To Be Done, and so your enthusiasm wanes and the wave passes you by.

Try something new

Do one new thing this week and see what it does for you. Check your email more (or less). Join Twitter or Google +, and start following some interesting people*. Add some new people on Facebook. Write down what the results are in real terms – did you get more email, more leads, more interaction? Did it take up some valuable time that could have been spent doing something else? Did you enjoy it overall? The only way you’ll know if something is going to work is to try it, monitor it and then work out what your experiment told you. Anything else is just spitting in the wind.

jump or be pushed

Sitting still is not an option. Photo by M Higgins

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